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3pl Inventory Control

Introduction to 3pl Inventory Control

3pl is popularly abbreviated for Third Party Logistics, i.e. the people involved in the entire supply chain. Organizations employ third-party logistics to manage complex inventory requirements. In order to accomplish this, it is significant to have a strong network of 3PL companies. 3pl directly influence the inventory of an organization. Developing a trustworthy relationship with 3pls is also of utmost importance.

How Access Your Biz™ manages your 3pl Inventory Control?

The Access your Biz™ Standard Edition is perfect for 3pl Inventory Control with its exclusive inventory control module. This inventory control software helps you to:

  • Track Units on Hand, Available, Back Ordered, On Order, and Committed
  • Multi-Level Pricing & Standard Price List
  • 5 Year Sales Comparisons
  • Establish Re-Order Points, Re-Order Quantity based upon past Sales
  • Inventory Procurement allows automatic replenishing of stock, via P/O creation or Warehouse Transfer, of Inventory based upon reorder levels
  • Category and Product Line Tracking
  • Capture Product Images
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses
  • On Hand Value report for any point in time

Read more about Access your Biz™ Standard Edition - 3pl Inventory Control features.

A strong 3pl Inventory Control system can prove really useful in streamlining the manufacturing process. 3PL Inventory control can help in saving time by outsourcing the logistics function. It is also concerned with reducing the total cost of inventory to minimum.

Don’t delay! Place an order for our inventory management software today.


"Access Your Biz™ Accounting Software has helped me accurately track our profitability and spot the areas we have weakness in!"

- Kevin Theofield
Akemi North America


"Access Your Biz™ Accounting Software's Reorder Point feature allows us to adjust inventory reorder levels with seasonal activity. We've trimmed our inventory by 25% without hurting sales!!"

- Anthony Banchitta
Stone Boss Industries