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Implementing Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing process aims at identifying the business areas which add no value to the business profits. The areas may be in the form of material, idle equipment or inventory. Once these have been identified, all the efforts are made to eliminate them. Implementing lean manufacturing in the organization is one of the best solutions to minimize wastage involved in the manufacturing process.

Steps for implementing lean manufacturing in the organization

Implementing lean manufacturing in the enterprise is not a tough challenge at all. The only requirement is your willingness to change the system. To implement lean manufacturing successfully, follow the underlined steps:

  • Impart Lean training to the staff uncovering the lean manufacturing concepts and future of the organization.
  • The training must be imparted in an amicable manner to the employees.
  • A web based training course can be very useful in this regard.
  • Give some time to the employees to settle down with the technological change.
  • Once all the employees are thorough with the lean concepts, start implementing lean manufacturing process for your organization.
  • Services of lean manufacturing consultants can also be employed.

We provide our clients with lean manufacturing audit software which can resolve your concerns easily. Our lean manufacturing planning software provides the benefit of reduced inventory and provides the ability to absorb the additional workload of transactions with your companies initial staffing.

What is the need of implementing lean manufacturing?

Through implementing lean manufacturing, businesses can streamline their operation and save valuable manufacturing costs. By adopting lean manufacturing strategies, a huge amount of wastes can be eliminated from the complete manufacturing cycle. While implementing lean manufacturing, the aim is to look for activities that add no value to business profits and then working towards improving those. It improved work flow and saves significant monies by reducing inventory levels. Lean manufacturing techniques results in customer satisfaction with respect to product price and quality.

Implementing Lean manufacturing can result in:

  • Elimination of waste
  • Establishment of standard work
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) supply and manufacture
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Visual Management tools and techniques
  • Manage cycle times
  • Techniques for Workspace layout
  • Mistake-Proofing techniques
  • Kanban (Bar Coded) Inventory Control
  • Lean Receiving & Job Order Purchasing
  • Bill Of Materials (BOMs) Control
  • Maximize Point of Use Practice (POI)
  • Dynamic 2 Bin Kanban Control


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