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Lean Manufacturing Software

Access Your Biz™ presents Lean Enterprise System (LES) lean manufacturing software with a myriad of unique functionalities. It is not merely a modified form of ERP/MRP but has been developed specifically with the objective of aiding a lean enterprise in implementing lean manufacturing. With our marvelous lean manufacturing software an enterprise of any size can very conveniently implement:

  • Lean Purchasing
  • Lean Receiving
  • Lean Invoicing
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Office Lean
  • Integrated Accounting

How does LES lean manufacturing software work?

Lean manufacturing software from Access Your Biz™ helps you quickly receive high ROI and operates basically by reducing inventory levels and increasing inventory turns.

But unlike various other softwares based on lean manufacturing principle, increased inventory transactions in LES do not result in additional work force demands. Increased automation levels achieved by LES help you manage all manufacturing aspects with the existing workforce. A kanban controlled inventory and bar coded automation are behind the spectacular results achieved by this lean manufacturing software. With the help of a bar code reader, daily scans of kanban are done and reorder signals are thus recorded and are ultimately updated into LES. The purchasing reorder grid generates various alerts to help you better manage your enterprise on lean lines. Examples of alerts include:

  • High reorder frequency levels for a particular product.
  • Net demand increasing established lead times for any product.

Purchase orders can be created and emailed to vendors in an automated way. It is thus a paperless replenishment process. In this way you can effectively manage your enterprise on a lean manufacturing principle. In order to implement lean receiving, bar coded product labels or the receiving report information is scanned by bar code readers and uploaded into LES.

>>Read in detail about our lean manufacturing software.


"Access Your Biz™ Accounting Software has helped me accurately track our profitability and spot the areas we have weakness in!"

- Kevin Theofield
Akemi North America


"Access Your Biz™ Accounting Software's Reorder Point feature allows us to adjust inventory reorder levels with seasonal activity. We've trimmed our inventory by 25% without hurting sales!!"

- Anthony Banchitta
Stone Boss Industries